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How to set up Surcharges to be effective only in the First Level at the Cost Calculation?

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Dear All,
The current version of dynamics, for the proposed scenario, is:
Installed product version : 10.0.34 (10.0.1591.76)Installed platform version : Update58 (7.0.6931.84)
My current business scenario requires the definition of surcharge costs in the Costing Sheet setup, which calculates the overhead costs according to 4 different types of indirect costs: Manufacturing, logistics, materials, and /other/:
The current setup, which sets the surcharge nodes to the Subtype=/Level/, as well as in all its absorption basis (related to the costs of goods manufactured), calculates the overhead expenses for ALL levels above zero (levels 1, 2, 3, ...), when setting it up to the following calculation parameters:
- Purchase price model: Item purchase price
- Explosion mode: Multilevel
The current configuration results in the CUMULATIVE calculation of the higher-level (ex: Level 3 surcharges) to the upper levels (EX: Surcharges calculated in the BOM item at level 1). Here, the BOM item at the upper level 1 will calculate its surcharges, with the total costs of the BOM item at level 2 which accumulates the level 3 surcharges.
The OBJECTIVE is to have a setup which calculates the overhead expenses of type /surcharge/ ONLY for the LEVEL 1, which is the first decomposition of the calculation item into its BOM, process and overhead costs. In this way, the surcharges would be applying only to the /costs of good manufactured/ linked to the item at Level 0. 
The main question is: Is there a setup by standard, for the specified dynamics version, which allows for this configuration? If yes, how can it be set up in the system?
Thank you,
  • Mathiasvdv Profile Picture
    Mathiasvdv 2 on at
    How to set up Surcharges to be effective only in the First Level at the Cost Calculation?
    Hi Henrique,
    Did you find a solution for this?
    Thank you.
    Br, Mathias

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