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Supplier Calendar to calculate days of week for delivery dates

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I have a supplier who only delivers on Tuesdays - though they work the rest of the week. I therefore would like to run master planning and automatically create planned purchase orders which use the nearest Tuesday to my required date.

I have tried assigning a vendor calendar and switching all days off except Tuesday. This isn't a satisfactory solution as I cant use lead times (use working days in default order settings) as it pushes my required date out by many weeks. I've tried setting closed for pick that doesn't seem to work - not sure if this is for shipments only on a customer calendar. I've struggled also with a warehouse calendar.  

My Purchase orders are intercompany. As a PO is created a back to back sales order is created in the other legal entity and a transfer order is used to move the product .

Any suggestions on best practice would be most welcome



Has anyone 

  • Garry Baker Profile Picture
    Garry Baker 104 on at
    RE: Supplier Calendar to calculate days of week for delivery dates

    Hi John,

    Did you ever find a resolution to this issue?

    I'm in a similar bind where the customer could benefit from a vendor calendar for delivery only. We want to use the standard calendar for planned order purposes, but have the vendor calendar dictate available delivery dates.

  • Moribund Profile Picture
    Moribund 200 on at
    RE: Supplier Calendar to calculate days of week for delivery dates

    Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for responding

    The calendar assigned to my vendor is set in the Purchase Order defaults fast tab - all days are set to closed except Tuesday. I created this as a new calendar from a template

    When master Planning runs it creates planned purchase orders for this vendor and moves all dates to the next Tuesday. This works as I would expect. The problem is that the purchase lead time in default order settings is also using the calendar so when I set this to 10 days I get a planned order which is 10 weeks away. What I'm looking to do is restrict delivery dates to a certain day but not have this affect my lead time calculation so the required date is 10 days from today and then the system selects the nearest Tuesday following this.

    Hope this is ok



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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Supplier Calendar to calculate days of week for delivery dates

    on vendor the purchase calendar is using behind the scenes working time calendar, as long there you have defined working time template only for TUE it should work.

    Could you share your setup?

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