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How do I partially pick a Production order Pick List Journal line?

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I have Started a Production in Dynamics AX 2009 without posting the Pick List Journal.  I now want to partially pick one line in the journal e.g., I have a Pick List Journal line for quantity 5, and I only want to pick, pot, and issue 3.  How do I do so?

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    Re: How do I partially pick a Production order Pick List Journal line?

    If I'm understanding you correctly you can manually change the number of any item you want to pick in the pick list journal. The only time AX prevents you from doing this is if you're trying to increase the quantity you want to pick and the specified location on the line does not have enough of the item. If you have reserved the specified quantity against another line (or production order) that might also prevent you from changing it. But just clicking on the number and manually changing it works for me in the circumstance I believe you're referring to.

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