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Electronic Reporting: Insert translateable Texblocks

Posted on by 445
Dear all,
I am about to create a Project Invoice in excel format. In the invoice, we would like to add text blocks that consist of some predefined text as well as some data sources.
To give you an example:
"We kindly ask you to transfer the invoice amount until [Due Date] to our bank account [Bankname] [IBAN]." Everything within brackets is bound to a datasource. 
The text needs to be translated to other languages, otherwise a formula would be simple. 
How is that achievable?
Thank you in advance, Adis
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    Adis 445 on at
    Electronic Reporting: Insert translateable Texblocks
    I figured it out with some help and wanted to share my knowledge.
    You create a label (2) with the text you want. Fields that are not static, i.e. data sources, are marked with %1, %2, etc. Its best to (upload) the labels instead of creating them. Under (1) you can see the content of the label.
    2. In the formula editor (in the format), you use a replace function.
    The label is your input, the %1 is what you want to replace and (3) is the data source you want to replace %1.
    3. As I had to replace %2 as well, I had to wrap the replace into another replace function and in another replace function to replace %3.
    Since replace works only with text, if you have dates f.e., you need to convert them into text.
    Kind regards, Adis

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