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Windows 2019 & GP 2016 / 18.3 upgrade

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To line my boss's pocket he's come up with a cockamanie idea to force move GP to the cloud. So he's recommending 2019 RDS server with 2016 GP client, GP DB will be on Server 2016/SQL 2016. Then a year down, upgrade to GP 18.3 with another os upgrade of 2016 & sql upgrade to 2019. I dont know if anyone actually runs GP 2016 on 2019 RDS (front end only). In theory it should work even though I dont think thats even supported, I just dont know if there's anything in the back end that might break. On top of that unnecessary vpn cost, file sync to desktops, etc.. if you already use RDS, why would you need vpn

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    RE: Windows 2019 & GP 2016 / 18.3 upgrade

    Hi Blythe,

    the Windows version where you GP client runs matters... if you're on GP 2016, Win2019 wouldn't be a supported configuration, though I'm not saying it's not working.. So RDS 2016 it would be.

    For the SQL server, your Windows 2019 should be fine and with some tricks you can get your GP 2016 databases up and running even on a SQL 2019 server.. SQL 2016 has been around for a while already and will be going out of mainstream support soon (if not already).

    That being said, if you're currently running GP on prem, why not just keep that config until you decide to upgrade to a newer GP version (i.e. 18.4) ? What is the idea behind moving your on-prem GP instance to the Cloud ? saving money ? this works in the case your current infrastructure is aging and needs replacement soon with heavy investments... otherwise, just keep your infra and keep running GP on-prem. Build a solid DR plan around it and your boss will be happy.

    Moving GP to the cloud isn't cheap on the long run, though it depends on how big your setup is and how many users you have.. but count a minimum of 500$ a month (and that's a small config).

    I'm supporting several clients on Azure with GP in the cloud and the monthly costs ranges from 750-3000$...


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    RE: Windows 2019 & GP 2016 / 18.3 upgrade

    Hi Bythe

    I would look at use GP Power Tools on your system to make it easier to maintain and help ensure smooth upgrades as well as replacing VBA.

    VBA is "end of life" and does not work on Windows Server 2019.



  • RE: Windows 2019 & GP 2016 / 18.3 upgrade

    As far as Windows Server 2019 or SQL Server 2019, you need to be on 18.2.1013 for Dynamics GP minimum, otherwise it isn't supported.


    We've also seen some customers have issues with hybrid environments when they have SQL on Azure and Dynamics GP on a local machine or vice versa.

    This all being said, GP 2016 on a 2019 Windows or SQL environment would be the bigger concern as we wouldn't want a production environment not technically supported.

    I'm sure others on this Community may have some also information they can share on an RDS/VPN environment, etc.


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