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Reporting Currency amounts out of sync with Accounting Currency amounts

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Hello.  Would someone be so kind as to share /tips and tricks/ Reporting Currency amounts out of sync with Transaction and Accounting Currency amounts?
The source of the issue include transactions for currency gain/loss.  There we have non-zero amounts in reporting currency with zero amounts in transaction/accounting currency and vice-versa.
There's a journal type for this situation that has existed since circa: 2018.  Menu path is: General ledger > Journal entries > Reporting currency adjustment journals.  That's probably where the fix would be entered. 
We may also need to run the year-end process again.
I'm thinking that I may be able to do a filter on voucher transactions and/or trial balance and figure it out.  So far, my thinking has not found the correct idea.
In voucher transactions, relevant posting types include:
  • Exchange rate gain
  • Exchange rate loss
Relevant reference links include: