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Browser message wanting to know user's location immediately after 2021 Release Wave 1 was applied to Production only

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Hello All,

After having had our Dynamics 365 Sandbox environment upgraded to 2021 Release Wave 1 and tested without having encountered any issues whatsoever, our Dynamics 365 Production instance was upgraded to 2021 Release Wave 1 overnight without any issues. For reference purposes, the following is the About information now displayed for our Dynamics 365 Production instance:


Immediately upon accessing our Dynamics 365 Production instance using Chrome v89.0.4389.114 (latest as at 02/04/2021) and Edge v89.0.774.68 (also latest as at 02/04/2021), we are getting a message that the browser wants to know the location while accessing our Dynamics 365 Production instance only (ie, this message is NOT displayed when we access our Dynamics 365 Sandbox instance using Chrome or Edge), as shown below for Edge:


On our Windows 10 work computers, the following have been set:

- Allow acces to location on this device: Location for this device is On

- Allow apps to access your location: On

- For both Chrome and Edge, the Location privacy setting has been set to Ask before accessing

The above has left us a tad unsettled as the message asking for a user's location did NOT get - and still is NOT - displayed when accessing our Dynamics 365 Sandbox instance that had already been upgraded to 2021 Release Wave 1 ... but accessing our Dynamics 365 Production produces the message that location needs to be known.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? If yes, how was it resolved? Is there a new location-specific System Setting that was introduced with 2021 Release Wave 1 that we need to be aware of?

Many thanks.


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