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BP Requisitions Management and budget checking

Posted on by 765

Does Requisitions Management in Business Portal check to see if funds are available before allowing the user to save the requisition?  In other words, if we have budgets set up in GP, does Req Mgmt look at that to determine if a request is within the available budget?

Also fyi, my client currently uses the Encumbrance module in GP.



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    RE: BP Requisitions Management and budget checking

    Yes you can, check the reference below; 

    Requisition Management – Apply Account Budgets on Purchase Requests

  • RE: BP Requisitions Management and budget checking


    The answer to your question is 'Yes'. If you have Commitments setup in Dynamics GP, then an option of 'Purchase Request Line amounts can be committed' will become available under the Company Settings, which is under the Administration Center > Requisition Managmenet section of Business Portal.

    If this is enabled for Requisition Management, the creator/originator will get a small warning when they attempt to add a item to a purchase request that exceeds the budget for an specified account and asked whether they want to continue adding the item or not.

    There will also be a small warning icon next to the item when the approver(s) pull up the purchase request. Approvers will also be prompted when they attempt to approve/final approve that purchase request that has a item(s) in it that exceeds an account's budget.

    Keep in mind, if Commitments is turned off/disabled in a company in Dynamics GP, it is also automatically turned off within Requisition Management for that same company database.

    Thank you,

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