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Management Reporter - Generate to File - Duplicate Library Links

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Our site has started generating budget reports to a file on a monthly basis from within management reporter.  The output is going to a shared network location for each department.  Managers can then review their individual budgets.  Each month, the output file name is changed to reflect the current month.  For example the February file may be called:  Service Budget Feb 2021, March is Service Budget Mar 2021, etc...  That gives us a separate link for each month, or so we thought.

We are finding that even though we change the output name, it's the same link in all the output files.  So if we open the February link after running the March report, we get the March report.  is there a way to configure the output so each time the report is run, it creates a new or unique library link?

Please advise.  Look forward to a response.


  • Greg Byer Profile Picture
    Greg Byer 2,586 on at
    RE: Management Reporter - Generate to File - Duplicate Library Links

    You're right on track with this, Beat.  The URL is tied to the report definition.  Changing the output name only changes the name you see in the library.  The actual report is still the same and that is what the URL is pointed to.

    To get different URLs, you'd need to create a different report definition.  You could create Service Budget Feb as one report definition and Service Budget Mar as another report definition.  That would give you two different URLs; one for each report definition.  

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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,009 Super User on at
    RE: Management Reporter - Generate to File - Duplicate Library Links

    Hi JG,

    The reason behind this behavior is likely the fact it's the same link is because the underlying report saves the generated data in SQL as a 'version' of the report.. The link you provide is simply a URL that points back to the 'main' report (and thus the last generated version)..

    if you really want to get distinct reports, you need to either export the report as Excel (or PDF or XPS) and save them on a shared network location. MR also supports sharing report to a SharePoint location if not mistaken..

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