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Void retail sales transaction on POS - Item stock remains reserved

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Hi Mates,

We are using AX 2012 R3.

If a transaction is voided on POS, the stock of selected item remains reserved. What can be issue?

For example, we have an item x121267 having stock of 1unit at a retail store. If we select this item for price check in POS and later on void this transaction then this 1 unit remains reserved i.e. the available stock becomes 0 which is wrong. 

On the backend, we have identified that the entrystatus of transaction in retailtransaction table is updated to void but no impact on transactionstatus in retailtransactionsalestrans table. 

How to rectify this, any idea?

  • RE: Void retail sales transaction on POS - Item stock remains reserved

    We fixed this issue.

    There was a useless sql script causing this problem.

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    ToddB on at
    RE: Void retail sales transaction on POS - Item stock remains reserved

    Hi Fahad,

    Using Demo data, I used the Inventory lookup to view the available quantity for the Houston store; and this showed 6 available for item 0001:


    I then used Price check to add the item to the transaction; and then clicked Void:


    In checking back, the store quantity still shows 6 on the Inventory lookup pane:


    Can you let me know the steps you are taking to lookup the quantity, add the item to a transaction, and then void?

    Also, is the quantity correct at the POS if you check the Inventory lookup?

    Thank you in advance.

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