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MUlti Threading in D365 FO

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Hi everyone,

I have a small requirement for running a batch job using sysoperation framework and I am having 100 companies in my system, and i need to run the batch job using the multi threading.

So that batch job can be run for 1 companies in one thread and it can run parallel with 15 companies as 16 number of threads is max MS gives for a decent machine.

I do not have any information about multi threading and also how to achieve it in D365.

I have having contract class, UI builder class, Controller class and service class.

I am using a list in the dialog to capture all the companies selected in lookup from dialog. Now i need to run my core class per single company per one thread so that 15 companies core logic will be running at same time to reduce some pressure on system and reduce time.

Can anyone please explain me the concept of multi threading and how to achieve it.

Thanks in advance.