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Bank Imports - Statements

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi Guys

I am hoping someone will give me a solution for this , so nav 2013 r2 , bank statements imports on bank recons.

I have done the setup and mapping for tables 1220-1227 . Our MS Partner has created an xmlport to import the new files , but when I import the csv file from the bank , nav pops up with :


Microsoft Dynamics NAV ---------------------------

The file that you are trying to import, C:\Users\name\Desktop\WORKTOP\New Bank Import Objects\AbSAtest2.csv, is different from the specified Bank Statement Import, ABSA2.

The value in line 1, column 1 has incorrect format or type. Expected: Date format "yyyyMMdd" according to the "en" locale Actual: "Date". "

I have checked the setup on table : where date format = yyyyMMdd and Date Foramtting Culture = en

Posting Exch. Def Code Column No. Name Show Data Type Data Format Data Formatting Culture Description Multiplier Posting Exch. Line Def Code Length Constant
ABSA2 1 Date No Date yyyyMMdd en Standard 0.00 ABSA2 0 
ABSA2 2 Description No Text  en-ZA Standard 0.00 ABSA2 0 
ABSA2 3 Amount No Decimal  en Standard 0.00 ABSA2 0 
ABSA2 4 Balance No Decimal  en Standard 0.00 ABSA2 0 

 on the csv file from the bank , the date column is yyyyMMDD.

Thank You

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    TharangaC Profile Picture
    TharangaC 23,114 on at
    RE: Bank Imports - Statements


    This may be related to the data mapping of the sheet. Ask the Dynamics NAV partner to provide a excel template for you and from that you can upload the data. And be sure that your computer date is similar to the excel sheet date format.

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    Amol Salvi Profile Picture
    Amol Salvi 18,690 on at
    RE: Bank Imports - Statements

    Check the data and try to map with the field specified in XMLPORT. It may be issue in sequence of data columns

  • ManishS Profile Picture
    ManishS 6,578 on at
    RE: Bank Imports - Statements

    Have you specified language code in you posting exch. setup.

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