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Power BI

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When registering employees in the morning and afternoon by scanning the access card or by tapping the access card at the gates, is there a way to retrieve the employee data by sharing or linking it to Power BI



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    DAnny3211 Profile Picture
    DAnny3211 9,184 Super User on at
    RE: Power BI


    well I would say yes power bi can integrate with a myriad of databases of all kinds




    and many others
    even with API rest

    check my answer if it helped you, thanks


  • Etienne Reynecke Profile Picture
    Etienne Reynecke 20 on at
    RE: Power BI

    Hi Mphazima,

    Power Bi should be able to connect to your biometric system if the data is stored centrally on a database and the database is accessible by an external product like Power Bi.

    What is the name of the product you are using for your access control system?

    Is it using an SQL database by any chance?



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