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Ecolab ensures food safety with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and HoloLens 2

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Ecolab helps companies in an array of industries maintain safety, sustainability, and efficiency in all aspects of operations. Safety is especially important for food and beverage companies, and Ecolab has expert technicians who visit customer sites to help troubleshoot and monitor equipment and facilities. To make this process more efficient, Ecolab uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and HoloLens 2 devices. Experts can now easily collaborate and help customers remotely without the need to travel, which cuts down on service wait times and boosts customer satisfaction. Learn more, here: Thank you for watching our video! Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from the Dynamics 365 Team by visiting: The opportunities don’t stop there! We urge our community to continue learning about the benefits of Dynamics 365 through the following resources: Content Library: Dynamics 365 Blog: Free trial: Subscribe to Dynamics 365 YouTube: Dynamics 365 on Facebook: Dynamics 365 on LinkedIn: Dynamics 365 on Twitter: #Dynamics365 #RemoteAssist #HoloLens2



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