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Proactive data management needs to be part of your cloud migration strategy Migration Minded Part 4

Jatinkumar Profile Picture Posted by Jatinkumar
Nathan Clouse – a Technical Architect for enVista Corporation – has spent 11 years working with Dynamics AX customers through their implementation and migration challenges. Hear why cleaning up your data, before an upgrade or migration, is so important. Being proactive, can save your organization time and money, while also ensuring that your upgrade will run more smoothly and efficiently. Video timestamps: [1:12] Top cloud migration considerations [3:02] Upgrade process steps – starting with data clean-up [4:56] Why is it important to clean up data prior to migrating? [8:14] Typical clean up and migration process [11:04] Typical challenges and how to confront them [13:55] Advice on how to start migrating Join the Dynamics 365 Community -



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