Businesses choose to deploy a business management solution that best suits the specific business needs for that time.  Whether it’s basic accounting software or a customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, leaders choose the business software that coordinates with business processes, matches the budget, and works well for employees.  Over time; however, every business experiences changes, but software remains the same.  Misaligned software introduces risk and can lead businesses down the wrong path.

Mountain States Rosen is an importer, producer, and wholesale distributor with 80 employees in three states that chose a fully-customized business solution that likely met their exact business needs at the time it was deployed.  As Mountain States Rosen expanded and operations changed, the customized solution became more and more misaligned with business operations and started to stifle the growth they were experiencing.  In addition, changing industry standards, compliance demands, and new EDI technology was completely missing from their outdated software, which also introduced a risk they couldn’t afford to ignore.

After a thorough evaluation, Mountain States Rosen turned to us at and determined that Microsoft Dynamics® GP offered the most flexibility for their current operations, as well as future needs.  Data was shifted into Microsoft Dynamics GP with minimal business interruption and Mountain States Rosen was immediately able to reap the benefits of a business management solution that met their needs, budget, and future goals.  Read the full Case Study: Mountain States Rosen to learn more about real growing pains and the solution.

Just like an ill-fitting shoe causes pain, ill-fitting software creates business pains.  Workers become frustrated from having to create separate means, like spreadsheets or specialty software, to collect and share data.  Others are burdened with having to reenter data from one system into another.  Not only does productivity and efficiency go downhill, but important data can be lost, missed, or mishandled when it is transcribed from one system to another.  Managers, CEOs, and shareholders will experience delays in getting the information needed to make important business decisions and, worse yet, they may be using old, inaccurate data to make important business decisions.  Contact for guidance on leaving the wrong technology for a flexible, agile business management solution that can support your business needs today and promote future growth.

By, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Greater New York

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