Well.....that is a VERY good question and many customers seem to be asking this in the 2013 year as they process payroll.

With the rate back to 6.2 this year, 2013, and now that our code looks at the tables to find the Employee/Employer Medicare and Social Security rates, we had code in place for rounding on the employee side, but not employer.
When you process payroll, you may see some employees round differently than the employer amount.
This will not happen on every employee, in an entire payroll, you may see 4 to 5 employees off compared to an employer amount.

This was fixed in the January Hotfix, see Kelly's blog:

That is all wonderful, but you, as a payroll customer, want your payroll amounts to be the same, why are they different, it is the same rate, 6.2/6.2.

To fix, below is a script you can run, that will make the employer amount match employee in two tables, UPR30100 (Check History)  and UPR30200 (Tax Liability) for the 2013 year only.


This will only fix payroll, nothing to General Ledger, you can manually adjust it if you want.  We should be talking about a small amount, but payroll people want it to tie to the penny!


This is a base script, change it up how you want, it will state all records changed, but it may have just touched a few of those records.

Back-up’s are encouraged. :-)


Run this script in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio against each company database you process payroll for.

update UPR30100

      set dbo.UPR30100.EFICASSWH = dbo.UPR30100.FCASWPR,

      dbo.UPR30100.EFICASS_Tax_On_Tips = dbo.UPR30100.FICSTPTX + dbo.UPR30100.Uncollected_FICASS_TaxP

where dbo.UPR30100.YEAR1 = 2013


update UPR30200  

      set EFICASSTL = FICASSTL + Uncollected_FICASS_TaxP

where YEAR(CHEKDATE) = 2013

10 Customers did not get the January hotfix, nor will get the 941 change come March 2013, if you are on version 10, you really need to upgrade, you can run the script above with no problems.

Yeah, W2's are out the door, good luck with the rest of your 2013 payroll processing.

Terry Heley