SOP Blank History Word Template does not Email

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We see this issue from time to time.  The user is able to Email the SOP Blank Invoice Word Template, but when sending the SOP Blank History Invoice nothing happens.  We are generally finding these sort of issues where a report has been modified in a prior version and then upgraded to 2010/2013.  You will need to compare the Section Options of the canned GP report in Report Writer to your Modified Report.  In this example I will show you how to fix the SOP Blank History Invoice Form.

1. Open Report Writer and Click the Reports button.
2. Highlight the SOP Blank History Invoice Form and click Open.
3. In the Report Definition window click the Layout button.
4. Under the Tools menu click Section Options.
5. In the Additional Headers section highlight ‘Dummy 1’ and click Open

The problem here is the Report Table is showing ‘Sales Transaction History’ and it is breaking on field SOP Number.  You need this set to Report Table: ‘Sales Transaction Amounts History’ and this is to break on field SOP Number.

6. Click Ok.
7. Next we need to evaluate the F1 – Back Order (this is the Footer).
8. Go down to the Additional Footers section and open the Back Order footer.

You will notice the same issue here.  The Report Table is showing ‘Sales Transaction History’.  We need to change the Report Table to ‘Sales Transaction Amounts History’ breaking on field SOP Number.

SOP Blank History Invoice only works if the SOP Number from SOP Transaction Amounts History is the key break field on H1 and F1 in the Dynamics GP report. In other words “SOP Number" needs to come from the SOP HDR History table instead of the SOP LINE History table.

I hope you find this information useful.

Andy S.