We've been getting questions regarding Multi-dimensional analysis (MDA) and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013:

Q1:  Is MDA still available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013?
A1:  MDA is still available and can be used in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Q2:  Will Management Reporter be able to read MDA data in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013?
A2:  Management Reporter in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will no longer read MDA data, but will read AA (Analytical Accounting) data in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and going forward.  So if you wish to report on MDA data in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you will need to use a different reporting tool, such as SSRS reporting, etc.

Q3:  How do you migrate MDA over to AA?
A3:  MDA and AA data are stored in different tables, and can be run parallel to each other.  Unfortunately, there is no connector to move MDA data over to AA tables.  The current recommended steps are to pick a stopping point for MDA, and key beginning balances in for AA.  Therefore, it would be best to do this at year-end time so you get a complete year in one product.  KB #897742 explains the steps to key beginning balances in AA for this transition:
897742 How to move from Multidimensional Analysis to Analytical Accounting

Q4: What tables are the MDA data stored in?
A4: The MDA data is stored in these SQL tables:

DTA00100 - Analysis Group Master
DTA00200 - Analysis Codes Master
DTA00300 - Account Analysis Groups
DTA00301 - Account Analysis Group Codes
DTA00700 - Transaction Analysis Report Options
DTA10100 - Transaction Analysis Groups
DTA10200 - Transaction Analysis Codes


I hope this information will be helpful to you, as you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and consider the switch over to using AA which offers more functionality, reporting and budgeting features.

Thank you,

Cheryl Waswick | Sr. Technical Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics GP Support