We have two new features for Analytical Accounting (AA) in SP2.  The first feature will now allow you to add AA codes to payments on Sales Orders when entering them in the Sales Transaction Entry window. 
This functionality was not available in prior versions and created extra work for the user as the codes had to be added later.

The second new feature is with finance charges.  You can now add AA codes to individual customers when assessing finance charges.  If the GL account is linked to an accounting class, AA codes will be assigned to each individual customer.  If the account is not linked, you will have the ability to assign codes later in the AA edit analysis window for each customer assessed a finance charge.

There have been many issues resolved with Analytical Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, and I would encourage all customers to upgrade as soon as possible! 

Hope everyone can take a moment to enjoy the beauty of fall before another busy year end. 

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Adam Gaber