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Up to the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, there have been two accepted methods for the deployment of Dynamics GP, Web Services and the Web Components (Web Client and Service Based Architecture). The first way was to run through Setup.exe and input values into the fields when prompted. The second method was to go through the silent installation at a command prompt where the values are passed in as parameters.

Scriptable Provisioning allows for a third method of deployment. For this method, PowerShell is leveraged and though it is similar to the silent install method, it has some distinct advantages. The first is that it allows for the creation of a template that can be leveraged with other PowerShell cmdlets. Another advantage is that you can either run the PowerShell cmdlet on the local machine or from a remote machine.

Having said that, I see the biggest advantage surrounding some of the implementation of the Dynamics GP Client. Not only does it lay the files for the Dynamics GP Client down, it also goes through the process of creating the System Database, the Lesson Company Database, any Company Databases and will even synchronize the GP Client for you!

Install-GPRuntime -MediaRoot "C:\Flats\GreatPlains" -SqlServerName "ServerNameWithInstance" -FeatureSelection "GP,FAM,WEBCLIENTRUNTIME" -SystemDatabaseName "DYN01" -SynchronizeDictionary

 In Dynamics GP 2013 R2, the GP PowerShell Application was introduced with some PowerShell cmdlets to administer Scale Groups. This same application now holds cmlets for the following items:

  • Installation of a Dynamics GP Client (Install-GPRuntime)
  • Creation of the GP System Database (New-GPSystemDatabase)
  • Creation of the Fabrikam Company Database (Add-LessonCompany)
  • Creation of a new Company Database (Add-Company Database)
  • Installation of other applications via an MSI (Install-GPISVProduct)
  • Adding files to the local machine from a network share (Install-GPISVProduct)
  • Installation of Web Services (Install-GPWebServices)
  • Installation of Web Components (Install-GPWebComponents)
  • Administration of Tenant Services (Add-GPTenant, Add-GPTenantServiceUser and Add-GPTenantUser)

Though the biggest benefactor of this feature may be hosting partners, I believe both traditional partners and customers can benefit from this solution. Imagine creating a script for the production database that can be used on the development environment, which ensures that the same settings are used.

Though this deployment type will not fit every scenario, I have enjoyed the ease in which an environment could be spun up with little interaction. This was especially true with the option to remotely deploy to another machine.

I hope you enjoy this new feature!

More detailed information around this feature will be coming soon.

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