Well .... the T4127 FINALLY released later than expected so we are feverishly working to release the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Canadian Payroll Year-End update which also includes the 2016 Canadian Payroll Taxes.

Even with the late release, we still plan to release this as all one update, including RL-1 changes for Quebec.  This way it is less hassle with installs, etc.

The target release is week beginning 12/21, it is touch and go here day by day so lots is changing and hard to pin point, but I'm going with the later and then hope to deliver you an early Christmas present. :-)

The new ROE file format changes will be included in this year end update as well.  The prior format will be retired as of March 2016, so year end is a better time to get this rolling.  Test files have been submitted and accepted, so hoping for minimal complications in this area, unless the format is changed on us again.

For the forms/XML items, here is a summary of what is changing: 

RL-1 XML changes, no change to the T4 and T4A XML

No T4 or T4A form changes, RL-1 has form changes (French)
**We have submitted acceptance to Revenue Quebec and are awaiting the approval at this time.

Tax Changes for 2016
- Canada Employment Insurance (EI)
- Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
- Canada Income Tax
- Alberta
- British Columbia
- New Brunswick
- Newfoundland and Labrador
- Northwest Territories
- Nunavut
- Ontario
- QPIP Tax
- QPP Tax
- Quebec Provincial tax
- Saskatchewan
- Yukon

**I have had a few questions about will you be able to have the new 33% tax bracket in place for earnings over $200,000 and the changes to the middle income tax bracket.  YES WE WILL!!!
All of these changes were included in the T4127 document and will be provided in our tax table update.

There are some table changes to support the new ROE format so test your upgrades accordingly, example CPY40205 table.

All of the changes are noted on the below pages and this is where the install will be posted as well.

No Canadian Payroll Year end for GP 2010, please upgrade....

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015


Terry Heley