Hi Everyone,

You may run into an error when you print the Historical Stock Status report (HSSR) "Wrong Number of Arguments to 'GetDate' and are unable to get data out for this report. In reviewing this error message, we found one part of the issue was related to old customer data and how we were accessing older layers that were not stamped.

There were some changes made in the 2017 U.S. Year-End Update to alleviate the issue. Follow the blog for direct links to the install based on the version of Microsoft Dynamics GP you have installed.

For those running GP 2013, which is soon out of mainstream support lifecycle, I would encourage you to update to one of these versions so that you no longer receive the error.


To take a step back, for years we used the HSSR (Historical Stock Status report) for tying purposes and to find out what your value and quantity were as of a given point in time.  That was because it pulled from the IV30300 history table and it was the ONLY option we had before we started building in other table structures into GP (starting in 9.0). Now that we have more table structure built into GP and we are tracking all the ins and outs of inventory, we recommend the HITB report (Historical Aged Trial balance report) to tie to GL and to determine quantity and costs as of a today or a point in the past. HSSR is okay for quantities in the past, but in reality, the HSSR may not be correct for costs because we don't pull in certain cost adjustments that may have occurred. That information is only tracked in the HITB table (SEE30303) which is used by the HITB report. So, moving forward EVERYONE should really be using the HITB instead of the HSSR report regardless of the version you are on.

If you are unable to update right now, I have some suggestions. You can look at installing the HITB (Historical Inventory Trial Balance) and use that report moving forward. It’s the report we suggest using to find out what your inventory value and/or quantities are as of a point in the past.  I encourage you to learn more about the HITB report by reviewing the documentation. This is also where you can download the IV Reset tool which is what you will want to run if when you print the HITB for the first time, it does not provide an accurate GL or inventory balance. If you have specific questions about the HITB reset tool or come across issues when implementing, please create a case to troubleshoot those issues. We would be more than happy to assist!


I wanted to provide some potential options for trying to rectify the error in case you are unable to upgrade in a reasonable time and want to try to get some of the data out from that report. These are just some of the options that have worked for customers experiencing this error, but please do your testing in a test company since there is no guarantee that this will work since I am not looking at your data to know for sure.

  1. Run the report in groups of items to identify the culprit item numbers causing the error. Once identified, just skip those items with the errors. You should be able to get at least a majority of the items printed. Hopefully there aren’t too many causing the error.
  2. The error will occur for items that have a valuation method (VCTNMTHD) of 0 in the IV10200 regardless if the layer is marked as sold or not (RCPTSOLD) and these layers are linked to a Purchase Order receipt that were received at one cost and then invoiced at a different cost at a later date.

One thing you can do is check to see how many layers are sold and how many are open. You can remove all the old sold layers from the IV10200 and then run the HITB reset to re-sequence and stamp the open layers. That workaround might just be enough to clear the error.

To locate sold layers run the following script: (Note: you can restrict by item number if only have an issue with specific items).

To find and delete SOLD receipt:


To remove the layers run the following script:



To find how many unsold receipts that would need to be updated with HITB reset:

If you have data for the following script - you need to run HITB reset to RCTSEQNM field then stamp the valuation method VCTNMTHD column. Hopefully after both steps above you can print the report for more items.

3. Having old items also can produce the error. If you have items that are no longer used and have zero quantities, then you could remove them. Then remove data in the IV10200 by running the following script and then run Utilities to remove inventory history. (Inventory >> Utilities >> Remove Transaction History)




I hope these options help with anyone that has not applied an update and needs to run the report quickly.

Warmest Regards,

Angela Ebensteiner | SR Technical Advisor | Microsoft Dynamics GP