Have you ever completed all activity for a project and marked it as complete only to discover it does not display or pull into the Project Closing window?   All other projects assigned to the contract pull in correctly.  No errors are received or nothing, it just simply does not pull a completed project into the Project Closing window. 

This can occur when the following are true:

  1. The contract and project have the option of ‘Combine for Revenue Recognition’ marked.
  2. The project has been completed for this contract.
  3. Project type is either Fixed Price or Cost Plus.
  4. The project has a ‘loss’.

When this situation occurs, it usually means a ‘Project Losses’ account number for a cost category(s) is different than the cost categories for the projects which do pull into the project closing window correctly.  The Project Losses account needs to be the same for all cost categories and projects when revenue is combined.

To see what Project Losses Account Number has been assigned to the project and cost categories, you can print the Project Budget Accounts Report.

  1. Go to Cards > Project > Project. Select the appropriate Project Number.
  2. Click on the Print button and this will open the Project Print Options window.
  3. Select Budget and mark to include Accounts. Then, click the Print button on this window.  You can print the report to the screen.



  1. Once the Project Budget List report prints look at the Project Losses Account Type and Account Number for all cost categories and verify an account number is listed, valid and the same for all Cost Categories assigned to this project. Also, print the other working projects budget lists to see what they have listed to ensure they are all the same across all projects for this contract.  If they are not, you will need to update those to be correct.


 I hope you find this information helpful in you ever encounter a time when a completed project simply is not pulling into the Project closing window.


Janelle Montplaisir

Microsoft Dynamics GP Support