In the Sales Order Processing Item Inquiry, you can now select a range of sales documents by Document Date in the Items: drop down list to be filter items sold within a date range.  In addition, a new Sort By: option has been added to the window to enable you to change the display within the scrolling window.

The Sort By: options include Item Number, Document Number, Document Type, Document Date and Customer ID. Item Number will be the default sort when the window is opened.

To access this window, go to the Inquiry Menu point to Sales, and click on Sales Items.

For best results in larger databases, when inquiring on Historic documents, select your range  of items and document types, before selecting the 'Redisplay' button.  This will reduce the number of transactions that will be returned. 

Note:   If you notice any performance changes in this window compared to a previous version, please reference the article: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 New sort options on many windows giving the user easier access to find information.

For more detailed documentation on this new feature and others with the Release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2, please check out our Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 New Feature Blog Series.