Hello GP community!

It was almost 2 years ago that we made the announcement that we were transitioning to Dynamics CE for our case tracking system and that you would see changes in your experience when working with the support team. Well, nothing stays the same at Microsoft that long so while we will continue to use Dynamics CE, the workflow has been altered a bit. We wanted to give you all a heads up on a few changes that are happening and what you can do to make this an easier transition for all of us!

We are in the process of migrating from our alias@microsoftsupport.com email addresses back to our original alias@microsoft.com ones. Please make sure you see one of these 2 emails when you reply to us, so your message hits our inbox. 

  • Be sure to Reply All in every response as well to ensure both your support engineer and case are updated.

There is a new central mailbox that must be copied on emails. Watch for support@mail.support.microsoft.com to be always included. 

  • Note both e-mail addresses below are valid for your support cases going forward.



When you receive an email from us related to your support case, you will see a “First Name, first initial of last name” naming convention, and you will see the email address as support@mail.support.microsoft.com.

  • For example, if the engineer's name is “John Doe”, you would see the display name on the email as “John D”, and the email address as support@mail.support.microsoft.com While this email is important to include so the case is updated, it is an unmonitored email so replying only to that email will not alert your support engineer. 

If you have an urgent situation and need assistance with a support case, please forward your email including the case number to dynsolve@microsoft.com and formally request that the next available engineer assist you. This mailbox is monitored by the Duty Manager team who will route your case back to the queue during normal North American Dynamics support hours: 8:00am-8:00pm Central time. 

Thank you for continuing to use Dynamics for your ERP needs and for your diligence as we make this transition.  Have a great summer!

Adam Gaber

Sr. Support Engineer

Microsoft Dynamics GP