We have added some new features and windows to the Suggested Item feature.  I will detail these out below:

FEATURE1: Suggestion Analysis

An Analyze button was added to the Suggest Sales Item Maintenance window to allow you to analyze an item and recommend companion items that should be sold with it. This feature adds flexibility by evaluating current sales documents and providing results of what items have been sold together within a certain Date Range and Document Type.

(Cards | Inventory | Item | Suggest Items)

After you click Analyze this will bring you to a new window called Suggested Sales Item Analysis:

When you click the Calculate button a number of things will occur:

  • The system will tally the number of items sold on the sales transactions and the number of each companion item sold with that item on each sales transaction in the Date / Documents Range selected. The range may include transactions in the history, work and open tables.
  • Once all companion items have been recorded, the system will compute the median for the transaction quantities.
  • The median quantity will be returned as the Suggested Quantity as a default quantity. The field will be editable and the user can change the default quantity.
  • Inactive and discontinued items will be excluded from analysis.

FEATURE 2: Suggested Sales Item Sales Script

Once you have completed the setup of the Suggested Item, there is a text field available where you can enter a sales script to provide more information on the Suggested Item. This text field will be found on the Suggested Sales Item Maintenance and Suggested Sales Item Analysis windows.

The Sales Script will provide guidance for your sales staff, so they can easily suggest items to add to a customer’s order. This feature will have the potential to increase sales and profitability.

Here is the new feature added to the Suggested Sales Item Maintenance window (Cards | Inventory | Item | Suggest Items)

Here is the feature on the Suggested Sales Item Entry window

FEATURE 3: Additional Information added

Unit Price, Quantity Available, and Quantity to Add fields have been added to the Suggest Sales Item Entry window to improve the suggestion process. Here is an example of what the Suggest Sales Item Entry window looks like with the new fields:

Below you will find more information on how these fields function..

  • Unit Price: The Unit Price will be available to the user if the customer asks the price before adding to the document.
  • Quantity Available: The user will be able to immediately see if there is quantity available at a specific site.  If it wasn’t available they could either not suggest the item or change it to a different site where they did have quantity available.  Once a site is changed the Quantity Available for that Site will be displayed.
  • Quantity to Add: This quantity is calculated by multiplying the “parent” item quantity on the sales order times with the Suggested Quantity for the Suggested Item. Once the user selects OK on the Suggest Sales Item Entry window, the Suggested Item(s) are added to the sales transaction using the Quantity to Add value for each Suggested Item’s Sales Order quantity.

I hope you like the new features that were added to Suggested Items.

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