The support teams have recently seen several Word Template cases where users are getting the errors similar to the following:

"The File POP Purchase Order Blank Form~16.docx cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents"
“Word found unreadable content in "POP Purchase Order Blank Form~16.docx"

These errors typically populate when printing or emailing multiple documents in a batch, or selecting multiple documents using the Navigation Lists. The errors do not populate if only a single document is printed or e-mailed.

The reason for this error is that the Maintain Compatibility Mode checkbox was not selected when the Template was saved the first time. Unfortunately Word only gives you the option to mark the Maintain Compatibility checkbox resaving the template does not bring it back. In the post the only option we had was to start over with a new Template.


The good news is I was able to work with Nathan Adams on the Word Team and he found a way to go back and mark the Maintain Compatibility check box. Below are the steps you can use to re-populate the Maintain Compatibility checkbox.

1. Open the template document then press Alt + F11.

2. In the VBA editor, go to View > Immediate Window.

3. In the immediate window (Pane at the bottom), type the following. You will need to alter the path and name of the Template based on where you have it saved.
activedocument.saveas2 filename:="C:\users\myalias\desktop\doc1.docx", compatibilitymode:=12

4. Press enter, and the code will execute immediately (which is why it is called the immediate window).

5. The file you have open will be renamed, in compatibility mode, and the new file will be on your desktop (or location that you have in the path).

6. Do a Save As on the Template, verify that the Maintain Compatibility checkbox is marked and then continue to import the Template back in through Template Maintenance.

A special thanks to Nathan for finding this workaround!

Dave B