Have you ever had a seemingly sporadic issue in Microsoft Dynamics GP where suddenly your Word Templates will not print or email, or your SmartList won’t export to Excel or Word?  While these moments may seem sporadic, they could be due to your computer just finishing an Office update. 

Often when an Office Update completes, it will launch your Office programs (Word, Excel, Outlook) as Administrator the first time that you open them to apply the new changes. 

On a normal day, Microsoft Dynamics GP is not going to launch as Administrator (Elevated permissions) and neither will Office unless you just applied an Office update, but if this does happen some of the following errors may appear:

  • Unable to start Microsoft Word
  • The File “C:\Users\XXXXXXX” is in use and cannot be accessed. Close any application that is using this file, and then try again. You may need to restart your computer.
  • * An unknown error occurred

These errors are appearing because Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office need to be launched with the same elevated settings in order to be in synch with each other.  If one is Elevated (Run as Administrator) and the other is not, you can see these types of errors. 

Here is how you can check to see if this indeed your issue:

1.  Open Task Managerand go to the ‘Details’ tab. 

2.  Right click on the column header bar, then Click ‘Select columns’.

3.  Check the Elevated box, and click OK. 

4.  Now on the list find both Dynamics.exe, and WINWORD.ext.

(In my example below, you can see that my permissions for Dynamics.exe are NOT elevated, but Elevated is set to YES for WINWORD.exe which means that it is being ran as administrator.  I also checked OUTLOOK.EXE to verify that it is NOT being ran as Administrator. )

The Elevated column should match for all 3 of these.  If Microsoft Dynamics GP has No in the Elevated column and one of the Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook) have Yes for Elevated, then you may run into issues when using functions within Microsoft Dynamics GP that rely of Office such as printing/emailing Word Templates, or exporting SmartLists to Excel or Word. 

In most cases you can simply close all of your Office programs, and Microsoft Dynamics GP, then relaunch them and this will resolve the issue.  If you relaunch and the program still has elevated permissions then you may need to check the properties of the shortcut that you are launching from to make sure that the check box for ‘Run this program as an Administrator’ is not marked under the Compatibility tab. 

There is also an option under the Shortcut tab of Word Properties to Run as administrator.


I hope you find this helpful.  If you have checked these setting already and are still having issues after applying an Office update, please see the following article: 

Microsoft Dynamics GP crashing after Office Update


Isaac Olson

Microsoft Support