Don't forget about the RM Transaction Unapply tool available in Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL).  This tool will allow users to easily manipulate records in Receivables Management that are already moved to history.  So educate your RM users about this tool, as it will make their lives so much easier. 

In the past, once Paid Transaction Removal was run, you really couldn't do any maintenance to a Receivables document in historical status (short of removing it from history and rekeying it back in).  This posed a problem if the Paid Transaction Removal process was already run and then you find out that a check came back as NSF.   However, now that the RM Transaction Unapply tool is free, you can utilize this tool to unapply documents in history in Receivables, and it will move the documents back to open status, where you can void the document, mark it as NSF, or reapply it as needed.  This tool will really make life easier for RM users, so be sure to educate them about it.

To load Professional Services Tools Library:

1.  Exit Microsoft Dynamics GP.

2.  Go to Control Panel|Programs and Features and make sure to install Professional Services Tools Library on your Microsoft Dynamics GP install.

3.  Go to PartnerSource and download the correct version of the PSTL zip file and extract it to your desktop:  (Customers will need to contact their Partner to access this link.)

4.  Drop the .cnk file into your Microsoft Dynamics GP code folder.  (See the pdf document in the zip file for more detailed instructions on how to install it, if needed.)

5.  Log into Microsoft Dynamics GP and click Yes to include new code.

6.  In GP, click on Home. Right-click on Shortcuts, click Add and click Add Window.  In the Add Window Shortcut window, expand Technical Services Tools, expand Project and click on Professional Services Tools Library.

7.  The Name will populate at the top and click Add and then click Done.

8.  Click on the Shortcut to open Professional Services Tools Library.  Enter the registration key SMPE0102030405

9.  Under Sales Tools section, click the RM Transaction Unapply and click Next.  Enter the Customer ID and any document range if desired.  Click to unmark the checkmark in the Applied column for the respective document.  Click OK at the top. The system will remove all the applied records from this document, and the documents that are applied to it, and move the documents back to open status if needed. 

Note:  So if you have a payment applied to 200 invoices, you only need to unmark the payment and click OK, and it will remove the apply records on the payment, as well as all the 200 invoices applied to it. 

So spread the news to your RM users how handy this RM tool will help them with maintenance issues in Receivables Management.

Best Regards,

Cheryl Waswick | Technical Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics GP Support