Hello again!  I have one more great new feature in GP2018 to tell you about.  With the complexity of tracking benefits for our employees, many times we hear request such as if an employee is a non-smoker, our plan gives 5.00 discount, I would like to track this in Microsoft Dynamics GP vs a separate spreadsheet, or maybe if I go to the Gym 10 times over a month, I receive a discount on my health insurance premium. There are many ideas in your organization you may want to track a discount on a benefit, maybe it is related to classes an employee takes or certifications passed. Whatever it may be, you now have the capability of tracking the discount in the Advanced Human Resource Health and Wellness windows which will automatically change the employee deduction amount and track history of these changes!

In the setup of the code, you can choose which Benefits apply to this discount, then when you assign it to the employee you will enter the discount amount which will change the total amount an employee pays. Example if I have a Family Coverage plan assigned to Pilar at 50.00 per pay period, and he has the Gym code assigned to him, you can see how code is reduced by the discounted amount. This information is stored in the EHW20200, EHW30200 and EHW40200 tables. The system will also keep history of this information for you, key with benefit tracking. To access the Health and Wellness information from the HR & Payroll Navigation, choose Cards, Expand Human Resources, under Employee, click  Health and Wellness.

To access the Setup of the discount, from the Setup Navigation, Expand Human Resources, click Health and Wellness and choose Codes.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year! Be sure to check back to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Feature Blog Series Schedule page to review posted blog articles and upcoming blog posts to help you prepare for all the great New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.