After upgrading the DYNAMICS or Named System Database and your Company Databases, you will need to remember that if you have any modified forms or reports.dic files, those need to be upgraded as well.  Here are the steps that you need to take to upgrade any modified forms and reports.dic files.

  1. Make a backup of each reports dictionary or forms dictionary prior to the upgrade. The name of the reports dictionary for Microsoft Dynamics GP is Reports.dic and the name of the forms dictionary for Microsoft Dynamics GP is Forms.dic.  We recommend making a copy of the .DIC files as well as exporting the modified reports and forms to a package file under Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Customize | Customization Maintenance.

  2. Open the Microsoft Dynamics GP launch file (Dynamics.set) and verify that the paths to the modified reports and forms are correct. The paths must be the location of the reports dictionary and forms dictionary from the previous release.  For example, if your modified dictionaries are located out on a network share, the paths would look like the following:

:C:Program Files(x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP/Dynamics.dic
//server/dictionary_share/FORMS.DIC //server/dictionary_share/REPORTS.DIC

  1. Launch Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities and click Next to get to the Additional Tasks window.  In the Additional Tasks window, select Update modified forms and reports and click Process. The Locate Launch File window appears.

  2. Select the Microsoft Dynamics GP launch file (Dynamics.set) that you use to start Microsoft Dynamics GP on this client, then click Next. The Update Modified Forms and Reports window appears.

  3. Select Microsoft Dynamics GP and any additional components whose modified forms and reports dictionaries you’re upgrading.

  4. For each component, choose the Details button, if necessary, to open the Product Details window, where you can select the location of the original dictionary from the previous release, such as Dynamics.dic or HR.dic. For example, if you are upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics GP, you would browse to the Dynamics.dic in the Microsoft Dynamics GP client folder for the Microsoft Dynamics GP dictionary upgrade.  If you are upgrading the Human Resources modified dictionaries, you would browse to the HR.dic from the previous release.  Click OK in the Product Details window.

  5. In the Update Modified Forms and Reports window, click Update.

Your modified forms and reports dictionaries are upgraded, and a report named Update.txt is generated, which contains information about upgraded modified forms. Be sure to review the report, located in the \Data folder, to verify that your modified forms have been upgraded correctly.

Click Next. The Additional Tasks window reappears.

At this point in time, you should know if your modified reports and forms upgraded successfully or not but to be sure you can review the Update.txt and Update.log, for more information about the modified forms and reports upgrade. I hope this can help you get your Forms and Reports dictionaries upgraded!

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