Well it has been awhile since we have released a hotfix, but wait no more....

There was no mid-year update in June/July (due to no tax update released for Canada) so all those changes are rolled into this hotfix.

The main reason for this release is the NEW EEO pay data report that is required for 9.30.2019 filing requirements.


Below is a list of changes in this update by product version.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 (version 18.00.0727) RELEASED
All items that are fixed below on GP 2016 are also fixed on GP 2018, along with these other fixes for GP 2018
-After you install the 2018 US year end and changed the billing type on a PTE timesheet it was not saving as expected
-Many issues were fixed with the Letter Writing Assistant for reports to print/appear correctly after GP 2018 R2 was applied

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (version 16.00.0788)  RELEASED
-New Human Resource EEO report with pay information listed
-Canadian Payroll allow user to enter an amount in the Senior Supplement field in the TD1 window for all provinces
-Canadian Payroll removed error message in the RL-1 Box A field regarding Employment Income exceeds the limit of 9,999,999.99
-Canadian Payroll the Box O Code from the Payroll Electronic Transfer R1 window incorrectly prints on the RL-1 form
-Payroll Integration to Payables changes with Manual Checks and voiding
-The VAT 100 report is off if a user does a reverse charge (negative tax) in purchasing
-The VAT 100 report may be off if you do a Purchase shipment/Invoice with invoice match 
- The VAT 100 SOP invoice for EU transaction does not update Box 6 and 8 with 'Service' type item
- The VAT 100 Tax amount may be doubled in Box 1 for SOP return
- VAT Daybook Detail and Summary report totals for Sales and Purchasing are overstated on Box 6 and 8 if you have multiple tax codes


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 (version 14.00.1207)  RELEASED
-New Human Resource EEO report with pay information listed

To print the new EEO report you need to have Human Resource installed and for each Position you should have the EEO Class field populated.  The report is under Reports | HR | EEO, last report option EEOC Component 2 EEO-1.  The pay band and hour information is pulling from the UPR30301 table (Summary of the UPR30300 table Payroll Transaction history) for the year specified.  We are not providing the electronic file, just the report.  If you want the electronic option, please reach out to Greenshades.

Our next product release will be October 1, 2019 which we will have some exciting features for our users.  Then we will roll right into the U.S. Year end update in November 2019 lots of new changes with the W4 layout and last will be Canadian changes in December 2019.

Stay tuned to our blog site to be in the 'know' about all these new changes coming your way.

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Terry Heley