What would year end be without Canadian Payroll you ask??

TODAY....... the T4127 RELEASED!!!  Sweet perfect timing and early, changes are looking minimal.  All great news.

We are feverishly working through the document of changes along with the XML changes to be able to release the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Canadian Payroll Year-End update which also includes the 2017 Canadian Payroll Taxes.

We plan to release this as all one update, including RL-1 changes for Quebec.  This way it is less hassle with installs, etc.

The target release is week beginning 12/19, it is touch and go here day by day so  lot is changing and hard to pin point, but I'm going with the later and then hope to deliver you an early Christmas present. :-), like the week prior.

After the T4127 is reviewed more, I will update the pages and this blog of the expected change.

***Reminder the Canadian Year End Update for GP 2016 will include GP 2016 R2 changes, just like it did for US***

What steps should I take to close the year?

1. Complete all the pay runs for the current year.
2. Complete any necessary 2016 Payroll reports.
3. Make a backup of the data.
4. ***Install the 2016 Canadian Payroll Year-End Update/2017 Tax Update.***
5. Complete the "Year End File Reset" process.
6. Make a backup of the data.
7. Create the T4, T4A, and RL-1 statements, and print the T4, T4A, and RL-1 reports.
8. Edit the T4, T4A, and RL-1 records as necessary.
9. Create T4, T4A, and RL-1 Summary records.
10. Print the T4, T4A, RL-1 reports and create T4, T4A and RL-1 XML file, if appropriate.
11. Verify that the Pay periods for 2017 are setup correctly.

~For more detailed steps, please refer to the Year-end closing procedure for the Canadian Payroll module in Microsoft Dynamics GP, by clicking on
KB 861806.

Key Points to remember:

• The Year End Close process moves all your current year data into the Last Year (LY) tables and it doesn't take the date into consideration.  For this reason it is very important that you complete ALL 2016 Payrolls (step 1) and then complete at least through the year end file reset (step 5) before doing any 2017 payrolls.
• It is vital that you install the Year-End Update before the Year End Reset (Steps 4 and 5) because you are prompted during the Year End Reset to update Basic Personal Amounts.  If you miss this you will need to restore from a backup.
• When you do the Year End Reset it changes the Basic Personal Amounts for employees. Depending on the Province it will either add a fixed amount or increase the amount by an indexation factor as determined by the Provincial Authority.
• This is an all-inclusive update.  (Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 will include Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2.)

Here are a few quality report issues we are fixing that customers have reported.

Canadian Payroll Cancel of T4 shows A for Amended in XML file.
Employee T4 Report has incorrect amounts for Box 20 and 52.
With the release of GP 2016 and the issues with the registration key, since Canadian Payroll is all FREE...registration key was removed from being required!!!

We have a few lingering ROE issues, but it is small.

ROE 17a - vacation amount being dropped from the XML file if a payment types is not selected from the drop down list.
French - ROE created with Commas instead of Decimals
ROE - Prep Report 15B Total Insurable Earnings incorrect when the ROE window has been edited.
ROE - B16 EXT field validation needed.
ROE - Added back 15B to the prep report (customers requesting to see this field information, previously removed)
ROE Prep report missing new POSTAL CODE field and overlapping header fields on the report.

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Year-End Close Resources:

Please refer to the 2016 Year-End Blog Schedule to review current and upcoming blog posts and other helpful resource links related to Year-End Closing for Dynamics GP


Terry Heley