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I wanted to share some information and troubleshooting tips around the On Order amount on the Item Quantities Maintenance window. If you go to Inventory >> Cards >> Quantities/Sites, there is a field called On Order. This field displays the quantity of this item entered on standard purchase orders and blanket purchase orders. This field will be increased automatically as line items are released to the vendor for standard purchase orders and blanket purchase orders. (You can release items by printing a purchase order or changing the item's status to Released using the Edit Purchase Order Status window.) This field will be decreased as line items are entered for receipts. The control blanket line item for blanket purchase orders won’t update the on order quantity. Line items entered for a drop-ship purchase order or drop-ship blanket purchase order won't update the on order quantity.

You can’t edit this information if you’re using Purchase Order Processing.

There are times when you view the number and zoom to see the details and there is a mismatch. Or there is a value for the On Order, but when zooming, nothing is displayed. Below are a couple things you can try to fix the issue and/or what to look into from a data perspective if you need to dig into the tables.

  • First - Run Reconcile on Purchase orders and see if this changes anything. Sometimes due to integrations, customizations, interruptions etc, the status can get off. So, running reconcile may fix the issue and the PO becomes available to view and/or the numbers match up.   To run Reconcile go to Purchasing >> Utilities >> Reconcile Purchasing Documents. As always, we recommend making a backup prior to running any type of maintenance in GP. Or test in a TEST company.


  • If reconciling the Purchasing Documents does not fix the issue, then there might be something in the table that is off or wrong. Run the scripts below to look at the Purchasing line table to see if there should be Purchase Orders that are listed when you zoom into the On Order amount.    Enter your item number where I have XXXXX below.


This table is the Purchase Order Lines table.  The POLNESTA field is something to focus on. The following values could be seen. Below are what they represent.

1 – New

2 – Released

3 – Change order

4 – Received

5 – Closed

6 – Cancelled

The status/lines you should be able to ignore are 4, 5 and 6. Once received, the PO should no longer be tied to the value. Closed and Canceled also are not looked at. So just focus on lines that have a POLNESTA of 1, 2, and 3.

If data comes back for item for those statuses, just do a spot check to see if the data looks good to you. Anything stand out as damaged or odd? If so, you might need to use the ALL PO script to review the tables to determine what is wrong and figure out how to go about fixing the Purchase Order. If you need assistance reviewing the data, feel free to reach out to support for assistance.

If the numbers don’t tie between the Item Quantities Maintenance window and the Purchase Order Item Inquiry window, start by jotting down all the Purchase Orders from the POP inquiry window that are in the script results from the script above. Those are probably fine.  Then focus on the POs that are different or not listed.  Those are typically the culprits.  Use the ALL PO script again to view the data for those Purchase Order that are different and see what might be wrong. It could be something as simple as the PO has data in the line table, but not the header for some reason. In that case it might show up in the On order quantity, but not when you zoom back to see the Purchase Order.

Below is a link to the ALL PO and Receipt script (And the All Receipts script) if you need it:


Hope this is helpful!

Angela Ebensteiner | Sr Technical Advisor | Microsoft Dynamics GP