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In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2, a new feature was added to set security when modifying a SmartList Favorite. The goal of this feature is to make the user aware that they are going to modify an existing favorite to avoid accidental changes. All users should have to enter a password to modify a SmartList Favorite.

The password functionality was added so that when a user selects to modify the SmartList Favorite, the user is prompted with a password to indicate they are about to change the current SmartList Favorite. This functionality will not only prompt the user to make them aware they are about to change the current SmartList Favorite, but this will also prevent users that do not know the password from making changes to the SmartList favorite.

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, a user would create and use SmartList Favorites to create a list with specific columns and data they use on an ongoing basis. SmartList would allow users to modify the SmartList Favorite by simply clicking the Modify button on the Add or Remove Favorites window that opened.

Below is screenshots of the new functionality and example:

  1. To enable the password functionality, you will need to set a password in the Modify SmartList Favorites field within the SmartList Options window. (GP>>Tools>>Setup>>System>>SmartList Options)

  2. In Fabrikam, Inc. a user has an item list favorite called Items by Site. This list has specific information pertaining to their items, sites and quantities as seen below.

  3. Any user that can see this favorite can select make changes to the list by removing columns, adding columns etc.   When the user navigates away and comes back to the list the default columns are back.

  4. If the user makes the changes in step #2 and then clicks on the favorites button and choose modify the SmartList Favorite, the user should be prompted with a password to save the “modifications” they just made.

  5. User can enter the password and the Favorite will be updated.


  6. If the user enters the wrong password they should receive the following error:



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