Have no fear, the end is nowhere near for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We are back in business, you have an IDEA?  We want to hear it.  The MS Connect site was decommissioned before the new site was ready so I know you are eager to start entering all your feedback for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We have a new release targeting for the end of the year so now is the time you should enter those fabulous new product ideas you want to see in the software you use and love every day!!

I have been out there a bit myself playing around and voting up the many great suggestions already entered.  You can see the default sort is by the Idea that has the most votes.  There is also some nice restriction criteria you can use under the Status and From tabs.

Don't see your suggestion, no worries, click the blue button SUGGEST A NEW IDEA and enter away.

The number you see left of the Idea is the amount of votes it has, click the blue up arrow to vote on existing items if you feel they will benefit you as a company / user in your business.  

If you notice that your blue arrow is grey or disabled, make sure in the upper right hand corner you are logged in, if you are, then you have already voted for that particular idea, yes I admit, I try to double vote for a few of my favorites. :-)  But usually the issue is you are not logged in.

As we all know the highest hit ideas are more likely to get in the product.

Over the last few releases we have concentrated on putting in features that customers want in our product.  Let's continue to show the product team what we want to see in our Microsoft Dynamics GP product going forward. 

As Bob McAdam stated at GPUG last year, we want to hear you all the way in Fargo, ND, get those IDEAS entered!
Enjoy this new way to have a VOICE in the next releases of Microsoft Dynamics GP!!


Terry Heley