We have released the Canadian Payroll 2020 Year-End which also includes the 2021 tax tables for Canadian Payroll.  Canadian Payroll specific documentation and install steps.

Anyone can install this update, we just label it as Canada and it mainly includes changes for Canadian Payroll, but it is an all inclusive update and any US install could use this patch to install updates too.

The list of changes are the same across all versions, review the Canadian Year End blog for details.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (version 18.3.1200) (Includes October release 18.3, US 2020 Year-End Update, and all prior patches)
Canadian Payroll
- 18.3.1227
MicrosoftDynamicsGP18- KB4569478-ENU.msp

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (version 16.00.0864) (Includes US 2020 Year-End Update, and all prior patches)

Canadian Payroll
- 16.00.0870
MicrosoftDynamicsGP16- KB4569480-ENU.msp

Approved Numbers for Quebec

Software Development Number for XML - RQ-20-01-132
RL-1 Slip Authorization number - FS2001172   (enter in the Payroll T4/R1 Print window)

There are no required table changes. ​
Changes were made to allow users to key in amounts in the T4 Other window for the following COVID-19 information:     Code 57, Code 58, Code 59 and Code 60 Microsoft Dynamics GP will not calculate these amounts, just allow users to enter them in the Payroll Other T4 Information.  Once populated they will be included in the XML

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Terry Heley