In a previous post of the GP 2018 features and enhancements, the workflow reminders have been thoroughly illustrated showing how reminders can be helpful for approvers. Today, we are going to shed a light on another essential feature of the Dynamics GP 2018 release, showing how workflow steps can be managed easily. 

On the workflow maintenance window, a new function has been added so that steps can be copied with all the related conditions, parameters and associated details. 

Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Workflow > Workflow Maintenance 
As illustrated below, the "Copy" option is highlighted.

" Use the Copy Workflow window to create a new workflow from an existing workflow. When you copy an existing workflow definition, you copy all the steps included in the existing workflow. You also can copy a workflow from one company to another." 

Workflow Maintenance - Copy Workflow Steps

As you highlight a specific step, you may click on "Copy" to do the copy step function, it will open the copy workflow step. Here is the copy step window:

Copy Workflow Step

The important part of this feature is that you can "include sub steps", no matter how many steps you've got under that specific step, all sub steps will be copied in order to ensure efficient workflow administration

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Mahmoud M. ASaadi