A few days ago I was searching for something and ran across this post from Jivtesh Singh.

One of the scripts that he points out is a post from Mariano Gomez and lets you search for all tables for columns with the same name.

Another one is a stored procedure to search the entire database for a specific value which you can you can find here.

Note: while I have my own script to find a specific value in a database located here you will notice that the one that Jivtesh found is much simpler  (I initially wrote mine in a very old version of SQL (arrgghh) and I really have not updated it much more that to make sure that it still works.) The other big difference is that the one that Jivtesh found is a stored procedure while mine is just a script that you run inside SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

So check both of the data searches scripts and the script for finding columns and have fun.

Till later,