Do you guys ever have to make payments on the fly in Dynamics GP?

For instance, you have a vendor come into the office and “Need a check right away?”. Maybe you feel you don’t have time to batch a transaction, post it, batch a payment and print it?

Dynamics GP Payables Transaction Invoices can be paid “On the Fly”.

Let’s go through the process. But before we do, this functionality is also great if you are paying invoices by Credit Card or Check and want to integrate the entire transaction from invoice to payment from another operating system or through an Excel spreadsheet.

Oh, My God, How? Right??

You can enter or integrate the transaction and just fill in the Cash, Check or Credit Card fields. When you do, further windows will pop up for more information, such as the checkbook, payment dates.

Let’s give it a try.

I am creating a new Payables Transaction in Dynamics GP (I’m in GP 2018) but this functionality is in all GP systems (Going back to 2010, at least)

I’ll just fill it out as usual, but instead of popping into distributions I’m placing the full amount of the invoice in the “Check” field (more awesome is that it does NOT have to be the full amount of the transaction – you can short pay the invoice from here).

When I tab off of the payment field (any of them) you will see a new box pop up. Here I can select the checkbook, adjust the check number, the check date, etc.   I would highly recommend you let the “Payment Number” default as that is a setting in GP as a “Next Number”

Let’s see what happens to our distributions when we enter payments on the fly – it looks at the checkbook or credit card posting accounts to determine what the Cash amount is. In my example – you’ll see that the transaction actually has taxes on it – but my check to the vendor is for just the transaction amount. This is what happens when you short-pay. It puts the check amount to a CASH distribution type and hits your Checkbooks cash account, but the short pay amount remains as a payable in your system. Obviously, if I had paid the full amount of the invoice the only distribution line would be CASH.

Great! Transactions in, distributions look good, what now? Now, you can either post the transaction AND check at once or you can click the “Print Check” button and print your check on the fly and hand it to the vendor in a matter of moments! By the way, you do not have to print the check for it to hit your check register – you can just post it.

WARNING: Once you print the check, you cannot delete or alter the transaction – you’ll have to post it and then go void it.

Enjoy this little short-cut to integrating transaction with payments or just cutting checks on the fly

CAVEAT: If security is a big deal, be aware that there are numerous security settings that will block users from printing checks on the fly.

 By Jo deRuiter, MCP, Advanced Credentialed Professional-Dynamics GP with Heartland Business Systems, LLC: A full service IT and business consulting firm proudly serving all of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.  For more information about our Microsoft Dynamics GP support and consulting services, please visit us at