Two of my clients have now had this issue.  Both of these clients have been upgraded over the years and started on GP before GP2013.

After the 2019 YE Update, Professional Services Tools Library is no longer working for them.  When clicking on the shortcut they receive the error:

InValid Versions! This version of Professional Services Tools is only compatible on GP 2016



After by-passing this error they click on the tool they want to use and receive this message:


The issue is a bit of a pain to fix, but not too painful.

  • Close GP
  • Go to Control Panel>Programs and Features (Or Add Remove Programs, depending on Windows Versions)
  • Right Click on Microsoft Dynamics GP (Version Number Here)
  • Choose Change


  • Select “Add/Remove Features”

  • Find “Professional Services Tools Library” and select “Not Available” Then Click “Next”


  • Allow it to uninstall
  • Proceed to this link:


  • And find the correct version of PSTL and download it (You Will Need Customersource or Partnersource credentials)


  • Save and then Unzip the folder which contains a .cnk file that has the PSTL Code
  • After you unzip copy the .cnk file into the code folder for your active version of Dynamics GP
  • (Best way to find it is to right click on the GP Icon, right click again (if necessary) choose “Properties” and “Open File Location”
  • Paste in the .cnk file
  • Open GP with a right click and select “Run as Administrator”
  • A Message will pop up telling you it will add new code.
  • Allow the new code and login
  • Close GP
  • Go back into Control Panel and follow the directions above until you find “Professional Services Tools” and this time click it and select “Available” and then “Next” and allow it to install.

Users will now be able to use PSTL again with no issues.