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As a follow up to my post titled “Dynamics GP 2010 SDK”, I have updated the SDK section with the details of the company database as well, as I had mentioned in the earlier post.

You should now see a section in the SDK page as shown below for the company database, from where you can access the company database SQL objects and their details.


I have built this  SDK from the sample company (Fabricam, Inc. aka. TWO database). Please keep in mind that the GP installation from where I prepared this SDK was based on an account framework which had 10 segments with 7 characters for each segment. Hence you would note that there would be 10 segments for account numbers in all the tables where account numbers are present. The number of segments for the account number field in the table will vary based on the account framework which you have used when installing Dynamics GP. So please keep this in mind when you try to copy a script from here into your environment as the account framework might differ between installations. The account framework which I have used is as given below.

Account Framework Setup

Total Framework Length:     66

Total Number of Segments:   10

Segment ID Segment Name Max Length Sort Position
1 Segment 1 7 0
2 Segment 2 7 1
3 Segment 3 7 2
4 Segment 4 7 3
5 Segment 5 7 4
6 Segment 6 7 5
7 Segment 7 7 6
8 Segment 8 7 7
9 Segment 9 7 8
10 Segment 10 7 9

So now this SDK is complete for both the system database and the company database.

Hope the community finds this helpful…

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