David Meego - Click for blog homepage With the release of Build 21 of GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP last week, the product has now been broken up into three modules which can be registered separately. This allows users to only purchase the parts of the product that they want to use.

Below are a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with their answers:

Why was GP Power Tools separated into modules?

When GP Power Tools build 20 was first released in August 2015, the annual subscription was priced with a special introductory offer. It was always known that this offer undervalued the product, but it was offered to help the transition from the previously free (read as subsidized by Microsoft) Support Debugging Tool.

With the release of GP Power Tools build 21 in July 2016, the special introductory offer finished and the pricing model for the product was changed. GP Power Tools has many features and our research showed that some features were not being used by some users. To allow users to only pay for the features they wanted to use, the product was broken into three modules:

  • Administrator Tools
  • Developer Tools
  • Database Tools

What is the function of each module?

Below is the summary descriptions of what each module does:

Administrator Tools

  • Resource Information, Security Information, logging and Analysis, Company Color schemes, and Usability enhancements, Automated Dex.ini configuration, Dictionary Control troubleshooting tool.

Developer Tools

  • Scripting for Dexterity, SQL Server, Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net. Triggers for both debugging and customisation. User interaction with scripts via Parameter Lists. Custom RW functions and custom Service Based Architecture web services.

Database Tools

  • Database Validation to check User and Company settings as well as Table structures. Export and Import of data via XML files.

What features are available to all modules?

The following System Module features are available when any module is registered:

  • Manual Logging, capturing screenshots, email and workstation Dex.ini settings

Are there still Standard mode and Advanced mode features?

Yes, the features are still divided into standard mode and advanced mode features.

Standard Mode features are “user level” features that are safe for any user to use. They only require standard application level security to access.

Advanced Mode features are “administrator level” features that should only be used by administrators, developers or partner consultants. They require application level security as well as sysadmin or dbo privileges on system and company databases at the SQL level. They will also need to know the GP System Password (or GP Power Tools Administrator Password) if one is in use.

What windows are contained within each module?

To be more specific, below is a list of the windows that are contained in each module:

Administrator Tools

  • Resource Information
  • Security Profiler
  • Security Information
  • Security Log*
  • Security Analyzer**
  • Administrator Settings (A)
  • Dex.ini Configuration (A)
  • Dictionary Control (A)

Developer Tools

  • Automatic Debugger Mode Status
  • Runtime Executer*
  • SQL Executer*
  • .Net Executer*
  • Automatic Debugger Mode Setup (A)
  • Runtime Execute Setup (A)
  • SQL Execute Setup (A)
  • .Net Execute Setup* (A)
  • Parameter Lists** (A)

Database Tools

  • XML Export (A)
  • XML Import (A)
  • Database Validation* (A)

System Module (available once any of the three modules are registered)

  • GP Power Tools Logging Control
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Send Email
  • Dex.ini Settings
  • Administrator Password Setup* (A)
  • Logging Settings** (A)
  • Email Settings** (A)
  • Configuration Export/Import

Additional windows (available at all times)

  • About GP Power Tools
  • GP Power Tools Feedback Survey
  • Configuration Maintenance (A)
  • Setup Backup and Restore* (A)

(A) Advanced Mode Feature
* New for Build 20 of GP Power Tools
** New for Build 21 of GP Power Tools

How does the menu navigation relate to the modules?

Below is a screenshot of the GP Power Tools Area Page showing the windows on the menus and the modules they belong to:

GP Power Tools Area Page Navigation 3
Click for full size image

Note that windows under the Transactions, Reports and Inquiry sections are all standard mode features.

Can I trial features I am not registered for?

Yes, you can. Once GP Power Tools is registered (the System Module is registered when any of the three modules is purchased), you can open a window for a module you do not have registered. A dialog will open and tell you that the window is not registered and offer to open the window in Preview mode.

Once the window is open in Preview mode (“Preview:” will be shown in the window title), you will be able to use the window with limitations. Some functionality will be disabled while the window is in preview mode. For example: You can create and edit scripts but you cannot execute them.

If you want to trial the feature with full functionality, please contact Mekorma (sales@mekorma.com) to organise a 30 day trial period of the relevant module.

Can I use GP Power Tools without registration in the sample company?

Yes and No.

GP Power Tools is a system based module which means that most of its functions are available regardless of which company you are logged into at the time. Because of this, it is not possible to just allow it to be registered when in the sample Fabrikam company.

If you use GP Power Tools on a system where the ONLY company installed is the sample company, then you will be able to use its features in Trial Mode. As soon as another company exists, you will need to be registered.

I purchased GP Power Tools with the special introductory price, what modules do I get now?

All sites that took advantage of the introductory offer for build 20, will be registered for all three modules on build 21. The first subscription renewal will also be at the same special price.

For the second subscription renewal, the site can decide if they wish to keep all three modules registered or if they would like to change which modules they have registered. They would then pay the current subscription price for the modules they decide to keep.


Hope this explains everything.


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