Fully applied PM documents stuck in OPEN

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Marie Walters asked a question on 26 Apr 2012 1:55 PM


I have some issues with some fully and partially applied documents. In Payables, I have some fully applied documents that are listed as OPEN and have not moved to history. These same documents never printed on a remittance.

I have run a check links and it did not fix them.

I am unable to void any of the transactions (credits or the invoices that the credit applied to). I receive the following error message: "The document cannot be maked for voiding. It has either been partially applied or is on hold." (It is fully applied  and It is not on hold)

For the partially aplied items, I am unable to apply the remaining amount. I cannot void nor can I apply the remaining amount to any other open document. When I try to apply them , I get the following error message:   "This invoice is already applied to this credit. You cannot apply to this document until the other apply amount is posted."

Any ideas on how to fix this?





Marie Walters responded on 30 Apr 2012 10:22 AM

Hello forum,

I found a blog that thought a fix could be to delete items on the temp table called PM20100. I tried this on the test enviroment for one of the vendors that is having this issue and it seemed to work. Are there any risks that I should consider when deleteing items from this temp table?

Thanks for any input!


Crystal Karlson responded on 30 Apr 2012 1:55 PM


I have the same problem! I am close to an answer, I will let you know if it works!


Kristie McNulty responded on 30 May 2012 4:30 PM

Marie - did you have any luck finding a resolution to the reported issue?  We're having the *exact* same issue on our company databases - verbatim.

Ian Stewart responded on 1 Jun 2012 4:43 AM

Hi Marie,

Are the credit documents posted?

If you do a search against the PM open and history tables - does the document appear in both?

If you do an enquiry (Enquiry >> Purchasing >> Transactions by Creditor) against this Vendor - do you get any error messages?

Are you integrating the invoices / payments? Are you using any third party software?

How many instances of this are we talking about? Is it all invoices or just one or two?


Kecaughy responded on 16 May 2014 7:13 AM

I am having the same problem, I was wondering if anyone found a fix for this??