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Changing the "Segment ID For Sites" in the Inventory Control Setup file

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Peter Longchamp asked a question on 7 May 2012 12:03 PM

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We have a GP2010 installation where we have only 1 site and the inventory control setup screen has "Segment 1" listed as the "Segment ID For Sites". Our chart of accounts has 3 segments and none of them are currently used for sites. The screen does not allow this value to be changed.

The problem is that we are planning to open a second site and want to use the Professional Services Tools Library to renumber our chart of account so segment 2 is used for the site.

Has anyone had any experience (luck?) changing the "Segment ID For Sites" to a different value? I suppose I could track down the value in the tables but have no idea where/how the value is used and if I would break something if I changed it via SQL.

Peter Longchamp

Tim W responded on 7 May 2012 1:22 PM
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Hi Peter, I was reading your post and it reminded me of a huge problem caused when this feature was misunderstood at a client in the not to distant past;. Let me answer your question first though.

You can change this value by updating the IV40100 table and setting ACSGFLOC to whatever segment is your inventory segment.  It's an integer field so if you were to query your database you will have a value of 1 for that field.  You will not need to do this at all if you are not using segment substitution however.  This value is only used to tell GP when to overwrite a segment value on transaction posting.  I assume GP never wrote any extended validation code because it does not really matter what is selected here until the first substitution is made (if ever). 

If you leave the segment value blank on the site setup card (segment substitution is a little more of an advanced feature and I've only seen it used in companies with a deep IV management reporting need) then it does not matter what this value is on the setup window.

Segment substitution lets GP overwrite the segment you chose with a value you assign on the SItes Setup window.  If you had site 1 set to segment value 100 and site 2 set to segment value 200 you could then assign items to a generic inventory account 1300-000-00 and GP will plug the segment value you set into the transaction depending on site used so that the user is not burdened with that update.  Assuming segment 2 and site 2 then the IV account will transform to 1300-200-00 on posting saving a manual step.

What I saw last year was an implementation done by a company with a single segment COA.  In their case Segment 1 (their only segment) was chosen during the setup and someone mistakenly added a COGS account to the site setup window.  After a month or so they finally ran a revenue report and found that for any transaction posted against that site Revenue, COGS, IV. IV offset were all transformed into the COGS account by the substitution feature.  Ouch.


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