Void Recepit Transaction is not possible when currency is different to the Checkbook

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VictorManuel asked a question on 23 Aug 2012 5:35 PM

We have multicurrency installtion and using Dynamics GP 9.0

The funtional currency is Mexican Pesos MXN and as foreing Currency we have USD.

In Cash Receipt in AR one user enter a Payment Transaction in MXN and the CheckBook that was selected is a CheckBook defined in USD.

The Payment (Cash Receipt) was posting. 

So this was a mistake.

Then the user proceed to Void the Payment (Cash receipt) buy when prese Void Buton the following message appears.

Payment no.  is a functional currency transaction ans cannot update the multicurrency Checkbook.  Please enter contra entries to void this transaction.

The cuestion is: What means to "enter contra entires to void this transactions"?

How can I void this Payment?






Benjamin Iwen responded on 20 Sep 2012 3:15 PM

Hello Victor,

I apologize but we at Microsoft would not be able to assist you in this instance as support for GP 9.0 has ended as of January 11, 2011.

Please see "The Support Lifecycle by product" for currently supported Dynamics products and services packs (support.microsoft.com/.../lifeselectmonbus), Support Lifecycle policy (support.microsoft.com/lifecycle) for more information on the overall policy, and the communication on the Support Life Cycle page for communications about the Support Lifecycle Policy (support.microsoft.com/.../lifean41).

Have a good day.

Charles Abetz responded on 7 Nov 2012 3:30 PM

Hi Victor

Did you find a resolution to your problem as I am facing the same thing?