With the new release of 365 Business Central, Microsoft introduced a new functionality which allows end user to add multiple items at once to the sales order.

It is interesting how Microsoft products are sharing such creative ideas accross the different business solutions as this feature was presented initially in Dynamics AX, and now it is introducted in Business Central.

Now on a sales or purchase order, you can either add one item at a time manually, or simply click on the “Select Items” action as illustrated below:

Select Items

The select multiple items page will open up, you can simply search for the set of items to be added to the document, and click on “Ok”

Selection Multiple Items Window

Important Note
By default, lines added to the sales order will not have a quantity, unless the option for “Default Item Quantity” is enabled on the “Sales and Receivables Setup ” as illustrated below:

Default Quantity - Sales Setup

The “select items” feature is available for the purchase order as well with the exact same functionality

Selection Multiple Items Window.png


Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi