This blog demonstrates how to get the source code of the extension app installed in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.


  • Docker
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on Container
  • Nav-Container Helper Module installed in Powershell


1. List the Docker Container:
Command: docker ps

2. Entering the Container:
Command:   Enter-NavContainer <Container Name>

3. List all directories in Container:
Command: dir / ls

4. As Extensions are stored in C:\Extensions getting into Extension directory
i. cd C:\Extensions
ii. dir

5. Exit the Container:
Command: exit
 6. Copy the .app file inside the container to local path:
Command: docker cp <Container Name>:C:\Extensions\<Filename><LocalDirectory>
  7. Make a copy & rename the file with .rar as extension
 8. Extract the .rar file and explore the ‘src ‘ folder to get the source code in .AL files


Thus, in this way the source code is visible and can be used for reference.

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