The brand new Solve My ERP Problems by Dynamic Communities is an event that is causing a lot of buzz in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP community.

Every business has problems. Reality gets in the way and taking care of them is much easier said than done. This pop-up dynamic event is designed to give practical solutions to the problems that are unique to you so that you can future-proof your skillset.

Be in a personalized setting with hundreds of your peers, not thousands and get the one on one attention you need.

When and Where?

When: June 28-30, 2022

Where: Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

8 Reasons You Can Not Miss This Event

From the first ERP systems that ran on servers to today’s robust cloud-based ERP platforms, the one thing that has not changed is the level of complexity.

The more complicated your business, the more problems you will face -- problems that demand a community of user group experts, partners and vendors who have walked in your shoes, learned the lessons, and have a passion to help.

That’s why Solve My ERP was created by Dynamic Communities, to serve as a regional gathering of people that have one mission -- to solve the ERP problems that plague our systems.

Notice 8 compelling reasons why anyone who is interested in taking their business to the next level should not miss this pop-up dynamic communities event.

1) Real Problem Solving
Wondering what to expect? In a phrase, real problem-solving. The agenda at Solve My ERP Problems Conference will cover:

  • Cloud vs On-premises
  • Upgrade strategies
  • Reporting approaches
  • Integration
  • Finance problems
  • Business process improvements

…and so much more. Learn what the experts and your peers are doing.

2) Hands-On Workshops

In this digital age of technology, we are all facing the same issues. What are yours? Are your business problems large or complex? Don’t leave your problems at home. Bring them with you and learn how to make a detailed plan so that you can solve them once and for all.

3) Free Tech Support
Don’t worry-- “Medics are standing by”.

Take advantage of the free support at our Medic Desk staffed with experts to address all your break/fix problems.

4) Network To Solve Problems
Almost all of our businesses run on technology and many of our issues revolve around the same areas. Solve My ERP Problems is a one-stop spot where everyone can come together to solve those problems faster.

It’s pretty basic. If you have a business problem, chances are someone else does too. Find those peers and collaborate.


Wanting to attend but need to get the green light from your boss to cover the expense?

No problem.

Check out the "Convince Your Boss" letter template that you can use to write a convincing message about the value of attending this event.

5) Education
Scratching your head because you're not sure exactly where your problems are? Don’t worry. Solve My ERP Problems has interactive content to pinpoint your problems and figure out how to solve them.

6) Eyes On the Future
Not only are you trying to solve the problems of today but likely also wondering about the future:

  • What’s coming and how should I prepare for it?
  • What are the newest product updates and the latest releases?
  • What’s Microsoft been up to?

Learn the trends you should be thinking about today to prepare you for tomorrow.

7) Focus
Unlike Summit North America, Solve My ERP Problems creates that intimate environment that personalizes solving real-world problems. Get time to focus on learning, personal growth, and bringing solutions back to your organization. Become the go-to problem solver in your company.

8) Reconnect in Person
How tired are you of Zoom calls and sitting in your home office? It’s time to turn off the cameras and meet together again. Our community wants to connect in person where the conversations are invaluable.

And if we were to add Reason #9 it would be that you will have a chance to talk to the fifteen sponsor companies in a small, personal environment. We are proud to say that ten of the fifteen sponsors of this inaugural event are ERP Software Blog members. Check the list here.

Don’t Hesitate

At Solve My ERP Problems Conference, experts and the ERP community collaborate to create actionable plans to solve real-world problems and transform how you do business.

There is no other event that will be as personalized as Solve My ERP Problems will be. Cut out all the noise and concentrate on real solutions to your problems.

It’s time for our “dynamics community” to start meeting together safely again. Reconnect and attend this in-person event and an amazing venue.

Don’t wait. Register today to improve your processes, get your business questions answered, and build connections with people who are like you.

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